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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    20162016,4,1,pp53-62Shu-Huei Lin
    20162016,13,1,pp1-14 (其他)Tsai-Chuan Ma
    2015Chu, Jou-juo,2015,“Roles of Aboriginal Tour Guides in Aboriginal Tribal Tourism: Cultural Identity and Ethnic Recognition”,International Journal of Art and Sciences 8(4): 421-434.,Jou-juo Chu
    20152015,3,23, (其他)Tsai-Chuan Ma
    20152015,2,23,pp111-122 (其他)Tsai-Chuan Ma
    20152015,17,1,pp37-59Shu-Huei Lin
    20152015,Jou-juo Chu
    20152015,1,pp54-59 (其他)Tsai-Chuan Ma
    20142014,148,pp1-13 (其他)Tsai-Chuan Ma
    20142014,pp41-48 (其他)Tsai-Chuan Ma
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