Graduate Student Study Room

4 study rooms with 43 desks, 50 chairs, 25 bookshelves, 43 lamps,8 air conditioners, 16 network wires and 4 telephone sets

Seminar Room

50 seat classroom*3; 40 seat seminar room*2; 24 seat seminar room*1; 15 seat seminar room*2

Computer Room

1 computer room with 7 computers(with CCU campus network system), 2 laser printers, 14 computer desks, 15 computer chairs

Periodical Room

1 periodical room with 2 tables, 16 chairs, 3 periodical racks, 2 bookshelves, 3 bookcases, a batch of books, a television and a refrigerator

Faculty Lounge

1 faculty lounge with a sofa, 2 televisions, a refrigerator and a DVD player

Conference Room

1 conference room with public address, projection and telephone equipment


Cameras, projectors, DVs, microphones, portable audio players, laptops, double-cassette recorders and steel mailboxes are rentable in the Department Office.

There are also raw data of Report on the Manpower Utilization Survey, Industry, Commerce and Service Census, Survey on Status and Movements of Employees, Survey on Wage by Occupation, Report on Women's Marriage, Fertility and Employment, Report on the Internal Migration Survey, and Report on the Time Utlization Survey in the department. Also we have SAS and SPSS statistical data analysis computer software for research works.

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